Minutes of September 21, 2023 General Meeting Via Zoom

East Ventura Community Council
Minutes of September 21, 2023 General Meeting Via Zoom


There were 3 Board Members in Attendance, Sara Ostrander,  Norene Charnofsky, and John Kunsemiller

There were 39 attendees, including guest speakers Phil Nelson, Jeff Hereford, and Peter Sheyday from the City of Ventura Department of Public Works, Doug Mackenzie from Ventura Emergency Services Office, and Commander Weeks from the Ventura Police Department


The meeting was called to order by Sara Ostrander at 7:01 PM.


The Ventura City Police report: There were 13 Assaults, 1 Burglary, 6 Destruction of Property, 2 Drug Offenses, 4 Fraud Cases, 13 Thefts, 2 Motor Vehicle Thefts, and 1 Robbery.  The large majority of assault offenses are domestic violence.  There were 10 thefts from unlocked vehicles, 1 mail theft, and 1 porch pirate theft.  There were no catalytic converter thefts this period.   There is not a big trend in crime.


Emergency Services Manager Report:  Doug Mackenzie announced the beginning of Evacuation Planning for the entire city.  There is an online survey that you can take before October 3.  The survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete and is crucial as we saw on the evening of the Thomas Fire.


Police Announcements:    October 4th Coffee with a Cop at the downtown Simone’s.  This is your chance to talk to an officer face to face.


Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the last meeting were approved by the Board.  The new website is live and the minutes from the last meeting are posted.


Treasurer’s Report:   There was one donation of $100 by Grocery Outlet.  The current checking balance is $1,008.44.


Announcements from Bill McReynolds:  The General Plan has minimal changes for the East End, but is focused on the shopping centers becoming neighborhood centers.  Signups are being held for the Ventura You Basketball League.


EVCC Announcements:  EVCC Family Fun Bike Ride is being held at Kimball Park at 10 AM on Saturday October 7.  The Ondulando community has been recognized as a Fire Wise Area.   The Evacuation Survey is important and members are encouraged to participate.  There were 95 climbers for the September 11th stair climb.  The fire department received a new ladder truck.  The General Plan is being presented on Monday night at the City Council meeting starting at 6:00.  The Art Walk is being held this weekend 11 – 7 Saturday and Sunday.  Remember Coffee with a Cop.


Old Business:   Sara asked for nominations for the Board positions with elections being held in November.  Sheila Lowe volunteered as Secretary.  In the chat, Tim Vreelander requested a contact from the board about available positions.  Sara will follow up with both people.


New Business:   There was no new business.


Guest Speaker:   Mr. Phil Nelson outlined the topics to be covered:  Fiscal Years 23-27 Pavement Management Plan, Traffic Safety Projects, the Johnson Drive Corridor, and the Olivas Park Drive Extension.  Peter Sheyday elaborated on the Pavement Management Plan.  The remaining city owned part of Bristol should be complete by the first of December.  The Northbank Project is being expanded and re-bid because there was only one bid.  Telephone Road will be repaved once the waterline replacement is completed.  The Olivas Park Extension requires a levee to be built before the road begins. Mr. Nelson explained that with there are limits to the city’s ability to repave because they can only do projects which require less than 1,000 tons of asphalt, so work is not taken away from contractors.  They make the plan based on assessment of the roads, which they can try to do more frequently.  Local funds, primarily Measure O funds are used for in-house pavement work.  State and Federal grants are used for larger projects.



Jeff Hereford spoke about Safety Projects.  There will be a sidewalk along Saticoy and over the freeway which will start in 2024.  Under the Active Transportation Plan, students are being encouraged to walk to school.   Currently, 27% of students walk or bike to school, but the desired amount is 40%.  The Plan can be used to apply for grants.  The Proposed Ventura Rail Trail has received a $28 Million grant, and the contract should be awarded in November.  He is going to be at Atlas school on Friday the 20th to observe the traffic.


The speakers answered several questions and listened to comments from the members.  1.  How about additional crosswalks at Atlas School?  Ans: Crosswalks must be ADA compliant, so it is not just a matter of painting lines.  2.    Residents in the Farm Community are concerned with the new and next development because there is need for additional infrastructure.  Does not seem to be the concern with urgency of response.  3.  The Atlas student body is now K-8, and there are more students.  Conditions are frightening.  3.  If the slurry on Loma Vista from Day to Mills is done while the work continues on Telegraph.  Ans:  We will have the city and contractors work together on scheduling.  4.  The Johnson Street access to 101 area is already bad and with all of the new housing it will get worse.  Ans.  The design of the on/off ramps is up to Cal-Trans.  We are working on traffic signal improvement to better manage traffic flow.  The project is designed and going out for bid.


Community Discussion:    1.  Please watch the speed limit on Darling, especially during drop off from 7:45 to 8:00.  The new yellow crosswalk requires that you stop completely prior to crossing.  2.  There are concerns about the soccer practices at Huntsinger Park in the evening.  Between 5 & 6, there are parking problems and people are parking in the “NO PARKING” zones.  Can there be additional signs or lights to help the situation?  3.  There needs to be a presence on Nextdoor to advertise upcoming events.  4.  Bill McReynolds highlighted upcoming events and urged residents to get out and enjoy what Ventura offers.  5.  Website links need to be improved and updated.



The Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm


Respectfully Submitted


Sara Ostrander