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Next Online Meeting will by July 18.

Jeff Hereford, the City of Ventura Principal Transportation Engineer will be our guest speaker.  He will be talking about the city’s applyication for grant funding to design and construct a “neighborhood greenway” along Thille/Medford/Waco and Darling.  A “neighborhood greenway” is a series of traffic calming measures to provide a safe and enticing route for cyclist, walkers, and any other mode of transportation outside of the vehicle.  The idea is to slow traffic speeds and reduce through volumes and give priority to active transportation.  This route connects several parks and schools.  This project was identified as a high priority project in the city’s recently adopted Active Transportation Plan.

An update on the results of the 1st Vision Workshop will be discussed.

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Holiday Firework Monitoring

The EVCC is pleased to be able to announce that one of our Focus Areas has been addressed by the City of Ventura.  Dean Katz, Vice-Chair of the EVCC, spent many hours and made many contacts around the state in our quest to address the problem of illegal firework in our city.  A special thank you to Commander Ryan Weeks for listening and hearing our request.  Commander Weeks reports on crime statistics at each of our meetings.  On June 24, the Ventura Police announced that they will deploy new drone technology to enforce the Fourth of July fireworks ban!  You can read the press release here: Ventura Police deploy new drone technology to enforce Fourth of July fireworks ban

EVCC’S First Vision Planning Workshop was a success!

Our first Vision Planning Workshop was held on June 20 at Buenaventura Mobile Home Park.  Over 50 residents participated so we were very excited.  Eight different groups participated in discussing eight different topics: Community Center/Senior Concerns, Vision for the East Side, Housing, Traffic, Parks and Recreation, Grocery Store on Wells corridor, Schools, and an Open Forum.  The discussions were lively and the results are still being consolidated.  Thank you to all who participated, and to the eight moderators.  WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE UPDATES!

Our Meetings

The East Ventura Community Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. Currently we are meeting online using Zoom. In the future, we hope to resume in-person meetings or a hybrid version.

Our Meeting Policy

The East Ventura Community Council requires all participants to respect others and to conduct business in a professional manner, with decorum.  Failure to conduct oneself in a respectful manner will be grounds for removal from the meeting.

City Council Meetings Moved to Tuesdays!

The bi-monthly City Council meetings have been moved to Tuesday beginning in January 2024.   The new starting time for the meetings is 5:00 pm.

EVCC Focus Areas

Our members want to be involved in the community.  Several concerns and potential projects have been discussed in our meetings.  Some of the areas we have agreed to focus on are:

*Atlas School Safety Zone – Safer Walks to All Schools

*Community Center Project at Community Park

*A Grocery Store for the Wells Road corridor

If you are interested in any of these focus areas, please contact the EVCC Board at  We will let you know how you can get involved.